Compañia Laboratorio C.

Compañía Laboratorio C (C Laboratory Company) was created in Paris in the year 2000. Later, on 2005, it moved to Madrid. It is directed by Francisco Leivadirector, choreograph, playwright and performer.

Based on Contemporary Dance and Theatre the C Laboratory Company has  focused its research and creation works in the interweaving of different artistic disciplines (music, video and plastic arts among others). The main characteristics of its works is that they

constitute poetic and movilizing moments.. Laboratorio C creates scenic Works, perfomances , videos and various actions in diverse spaces and produces cultural events giving priority to new scenic forms and cultural interchange.


France: Festival de Jazz de Paris / Festival NIP Avignon / Electrón Libre, Paris / Festival off- Aurillac/  Montpellier / Le Havre.

Spain: Madrid / Barcelona / Santander / Torrevieja / Villanueva de la Cañada/ Astillero

Japan: Bunkamura Orchard Hall Tokio / Osaka/ Hiroshima / Asaiwaka.

Norway: Olavs Festival, Trondheim

Argentina: Festival Internacional del Extremo Sur, Mendoza / Buenos Aires / Universidad

Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza /  Córdoba / Tucumán / Neuquén.

Ecuador: Universidad Nacional de Quito / Manta / Riobamba / Muisne.

Uruguay: Montevideo / La Paloma


>  Founded and was responsable for the international programming of the 2003 Extreme South International Festival, Mendoza,Argentina

> Founded and created in the year 2000 the Show Space within the Chez Robert Electron Libre in Paris wtihmore than 80.000 visitors per year.

> Francisco Leiva teaches regular classes of Physical Theatre; Training and Stage Setting for Professional Actors; and Theatre Initiation at Estudio 3. He has taught Seminars in Norway, France, Japan, Spain, Argentina and Ecuador.