The search in the reflection

The search in the reflection

> spectacle(show)/installation

> spectacle developed in three stages beteween france and argentina

> the search in the reflection 1.0 installation 6 x 4 m./ 1 performer
> the search in the reflection 2.0 spectacle/installation 11 x 8 m. / 3 actors 3 musicians
> the search in the reflection 3.0 spectacle/installation 14 x 10 m. 5 actors/dancers, 3 musicians, 1 plastic artist.

The search in the reflection gets into and travels through the hermetism of human impulses, the unique and individual search of a sound that distinguishes us
The city, as a predator, activates us to become machines. we inhabit strange bodies and lives which don’t belong to us.
Modern man developes his existence within a cement box, cities have covered the sky with bricks, they have eliminated the horizon. new social structures destroy the identity of the individual. we are the others, we are the no-thought.
Water establishes a luminous link, a liquid and transparent panacea.
The search in the reflection is an organic sensitive work, an
expression of sensuality and violence.
A mirror of our desires and our obsessions.
It takes place in a close space of 10 by 14 meters shared by actors and spectators. our space, which we call module, is subdivided in four smaller spaces which permit the spectator to choose and move within them.
The concept of ubiquity is demonstrated, the spectator is forced to decide what he wishes to observe, showing the impossibility of being in two places at the same time.
Images, contemporary dance, live musicians and theater constitute the vertebral column that gives life and movement to the search in the reflection

artistic team

choreography and direction
francisco leiva

choreography and direction assistant
carlos osatinsky

artistic consultant
gabriel caruana

actors and dancers
gabriel caruana
fernando peliciolli
magali del hoyo
andrea terranova
francisco leiva

conception of installation and theatrical script
francisco leiva

scenographic direction
daniela luquez

scenography assistant
agustín peschia

costumes and accessories
daniela luquez

daniela luquez
agustín peschia

musical direction
rodrigo alonso

original music
leandro maturano
martín ponce
rodrigo alonso

musical adaptation
diego pistone
rodrigo alonso

original images
yamila marañón

production in france
valeria alonso

production in argentina
fernanda luquez

press and communications
mauricio torres