> openning night: madrid 2008

Exodus is a project that combines contemporary dance, theater and music. the spectacle reflects upon a tragic-comedy story about human being ambition and manipulation
“what we used to call pest now we name it virus, infection, terror. Manipulation a symbol that survives all times. Those who can, flee to other places and will eventually be caught. an exodus takes place, then another and so on. Ambition has become the engine of will and man raises the flags of treason and deceipt high to keep his project advancing.
Independently of time and space, within this critical reality he finds the way to do it..”
On the one hand, the story of the exodus that take place in the world and repeat themselves along history of mankind as a product of the manipulation of the more powerful, call them virus, economy, war…
On the other had, in this case, there are those from the lower steps of the ladder who wish to be like the previous ones and resort to the same means and mechanisms but at a different scale.
It’s their story which is told.

The protagonists are a family of brothers who, separated since chilhood, have failed in their lives. instictively by ambition and at any price they decide to reunite in order to overcome what they call mediocrity emphasizing values on supefluous and paying no attention to what really matters. related between them merely by personal projects, they manipulate themselves.
In their past stories with their women reappears again the wish to manipulate and, due to impotence, genre violence.
Metaphorically the exodus that takes place in the world in that moment is the women’s exodus.
Finally they will keep failing.

artistic team

david amandi
marta gómez rodríguez
maria arcos corretjé
juan martín gravina
antonio javier marcos
francisco leiva

francisco leiva

direction assistant
cecilia pradal

murcoff / ulises conti

rebeca gics / julieta álvarez

scenography and lighting
ana dacasa

laboratorio c

laboratorio c
cmu san juan evangelista