> openning night:madrid 2005

> it’s a spectacle that combines contemporary dance and video.

Linked to the idea of life and transformation, a suspended moment in time, where we find past and current images. time plays a crucial role in the show narration : so much in the choreographic times as in the times when the video was edited.
The elements that are used are linked to this idea of transformation, they are: the roses and their fallen petals, grape and wine, the infant human being and young…

the place…

with roses
with petal drawings
with wine vessels and female wine makers
with a girl
with bodies

the geometry…
circular vessels
circles of petal paintings
round grapes
shapeless bodies
shapeless roses
rectangular space
geometrical space

the colours…

red wine
clear sand brown
body skin color
wooden vessels dark brown
yellow girl hair

the transformation…

grape in wine
roses in fallen petals
the girl who adolesces
the time and the space…

in silence

life…that sometimes beats

direction and choreography
francisco leiva

betka mattjova
marion schrtzemberger
susan berger

valeria alonso
francisco leiva

nazario branca
valeria alonso

asociation plan sur seine
compañía laboratorio c.

sponsored by
montpellier danse, francia
aglomeración de montpellier, francia
la casa encendida, madrid, españa