Acting course intermediate

acting course

> annual course

> registration currently open

> professors
francisco leiva
juan martín gravina

> classes on mondays from 20.00hs. to 23:00hs.

> classes will be taught at estudio 3. tel +34/91 -5322701, calle nuñez de arce 11,bajo, 28012 madrid, metro sol y sevilla,

In this course we intend to discover acting by theatrical play, getting rid of any type of inhibition, to find our own scenic capacity. starting with the body and the voice, we will work on the training of perception, the senses, the emotions, the language, the communication and the interrelationship with others. it’s a process that aims at enriching us artisticaly and personaly and we will go through it individually and groupally.
The course is oriented to those persons who possess an intermediate acting experience. each class will have space for corporal and expressive work and another space for represantation and improvisation.