> openning night: santiago de compostela 2008

> contemporary danced, characterisation and lighting conform exo2

Placed in the atmosphere of the fifties, the show goes, through dancing, in situations that repeat themselves along time in which people must abandon their lands due to the manipulation and foreign interests.
“i fleed to the north, i escape to the south, to the east, to the west, foreing and strange events and then i flee. pest, infection, war, economy and then i flee.
I search for a different place, where to be peaceful, where not dying. i arrive, here i am, i rest, with the little i possess i rest, fake calm, invisible fauces, how much time will pass, ¿will time pass?, and again once more i seek to save myself and then i flee, extreme south, extreme north, east, west, extreme, extreme.
I arrive, i think i arrive, with the little i possess,i have less and i arrive, i rest. until when . cold, extreme cold, hot, extreme hot, how much time will pass before i have to leave, foreign causes, foreign manipulations, foreign interests.
Pest, infection, war, economy, others’ economy, others’ state, frontiers, religions and so it will happen once more, i will leave and i will arrive to another place, i will have less, less than now and there, once there, i will stay sometime and will leave again, i will leave with the others in an exo 2, until i will have nothing and i will freeze to death, i will die of age, i will starve, anyway i will die”

artistic team

david amandi
marta gómez
maria arcos corretjé
jessica belda
francisco leiva

francisco leiva

bajo fondo tango club
rodrigo alonso

ana dacasa

laboratorio c

compañía laboratorio c
asociación plan sur seine
cmu san juan evangelista