White period

White period

> openning night: madrid, march 2007

Periode blanche is a spoken and danced exposition with the projection of images. to reflect, to question the meaning of will, transformation and desire.
Some of the issues that are considered are: the lack of will, the appearance of desire, the absence/presence of ideals, do i drive myself?, am i driven?
An interruption in time, a window from which to observe, a sight on nonsense, war, changes.
It’s a sensorial and rational spectacle , a live moment between the artist and spectators that takes place in that very instant.
Periode blanche combines different artistic disciplines in the search of an interweaving language , at the limits of each discipline, revealing their range of encounter.
With a strong speech, full of humor, a work that takes us to our extremes.
Blanche, the white… as emptyness, as the beginning of something…

“days succeeded one another in such a slow rhythm that it is difficult for me to describe. a kind of continuous nap (siesta) where (when) the sun makes you numb)and the shinning of the asphalt doesn’t let you see. white dense smoke.
With time, things began to change. i heard new things and started to receive some visit. i never heard anything new from mia. malen knew how to give me herself…i started to touch her and…i understood.
tThe day i went out to the street, was the day i realized that i was blind, that i had been blind for a long time before…”

artistic team

francisco leiva

direction assistant
maria robin

francisco leiva

sound intervention
rodrigo alonso

video and images
valeria alonso

carlota guivernau