Dignity station

Dignity station

> openning night, madrid march 2009

> contemporary dance, theater and video

This project was born from the observation of argentine crisis and the impoverishment of thousands of people as the consequence of the economic an social model applied in the nineties with the arribal of neoliberalism that caused the social upheavals in 2001.
Based on a real story, the work tells the story of a group of persons that had to collect recyclable products, such as cardboard, paper, bottles and useful metals from garbage as their only chance for survival.
Human being adapts himself, dignity dissappears. we close our eyes, look the other way, as if we were not a part, as if nothing happens… a particular problem but at the same time a reflection of many others that happen throughout the world.

artistic file

candelaria antelo
david amandi
veronica santiago moniello
sara montiel
francisco leiva

francisco leiva

choreographic consultant
marta gómez

javier colsa y francisco leiva

Alba Noto, Mathiew Herbert, Fernando Samalea

david amandi

laboratorio c.

laboratorio c.