Red Tango

Red tango

> openning night august 2009, tokio,japan

> tango rojo is a tango dance and music spectacle (show) for eight dancers/actors.

It’s the story of three tango dancers who, due to their different lifepaths, decide to separate from each other and each one goes and lives in different cities and continents: buenos aires, tokio and paris.
In short danced and acted stories they tell us passed anecdotes and their reencounter in tokio ten years later
The tango dance is an excuse for telling these “stories with alcohol”. it tells about love, disillusion, passion, soccer, the neighborghood of la boca, where tango was born, the milonga and the bar.
A broad vision of the tango dance combined with intense moments of theater.

artistic team 

ezequiel farfaro
juan patricio guida
kyoko wakao
agata jargilo
francisco leiva
tomoko san
rina minako

francisco leiva

costumes and scenography 
zero hour tech. japan

alex dávalos

nicolas miari

tango xxi
zero hour studio