compositon and improvisation

compositon and improvisation between dancers, actors and musicians course

> intensive course

> registration currently open

> may 22, 23, 2010, from 10:00hs. to 20:00hs.

> classes will be taught at estudio 3. tel +34/91 -5322701, calle nuñez de arce 11,bajo, 28012 madrid, metro sol y sevilla,

This course objetive is to develop communication between live dance and music. through practice we will know differents ways of creative collaboration among both disciplines, generating a dialogue between dancers, choreographers, musicians and composers. by bringing together the language of musical composition and dance and the language of choregraphical composition and music, we will create a space of encounter among professionals from which tools will sprout that will be useful to undertake future joint projects

francisco leiva (see personal resume in the blog)

ulises conti: composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound producer and artist.
conti has produced different projects in movies, in theater and dance and audio-installations. his music has been edited in different national and international catalogues. he has worked in collaboration with francisco leiva in many projects.